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Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking
Whether you have a few trucks or a few hundred, it can be extremely daunting to keep their locations straight without some sort of high-tech help. That’s where GPS fleet tracking comes in. We help people just like you compare the best GPS vehicle monitoring software for their company. The top GPS fleet tracking software can accommodate any size fleet and any demands, whether you’re in the construction, pest control, appliance repair, landscaping, oil field service or food delivery business.


There are many benefits of GPS fleet tracking for you to consider to improve fuel efficiency and get real time reporting on your company trucks. With such software, you can:

  • Eliminate or reduce overtime
  • Manage field personnel more efficiently
  • Document routes and stops
  • Improve ROI
  • Optimize fleet efficiency
  • Improve vehicle utilization
  • Reduce downtime
  • Prevent employee fraud
  • Gain visibility into mobile assets
  • Track speeding and idle engine times
  • Adjust routes in real-time
  • Abide with the law
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease insurance costs
  • Concentrate on other aspects of growing your business

GPS fleet tracking is an efficient, convenient and surprisingly affordable solution to your vehicle tracking challenges. When you improve your fuel, operating and insurance costs, while at the same time lowering your maintenance costs and boosting your safety levels, you’re saving money on higher productivity. When you are able to concentrate more on running your business and less on tracking down vehicles, you can improve your bottom line. That initial cost of a GPS system is quickly absorbed to result in better ROI year after year.

Have you been thinking of GPS tracking for your business, but aren’t sure about the price? Read here to learn more about the cost of GPS fleet tracking.

Should you get GPS fleet tracking?

It’s understandable if you’re on the fence, given that it’s a financial business investment.

You’ve heard it has a lot of benefits such as saving your company cars gas. But, at the same time, you’re still not quite sure.

To help you with this decision, we’ve created this article that gives you the ins and outs about GPS fleet tracking. Which includes what it is, the factors that determine the price point, and the benefits.

So, let’s get started!

A couple questions you need to ask about Fleet Tracking Software

Here’s what you need to ask yourself to see if you’re ready for this investment:

How streamlined is my business? Where can it improve (i.e. payroll, distribution)?

Is there room in the budget to take on an improvement? Where would the funds come from?

What can GPS fleet tracking solve (i.e. better mileage, optimal driving)?

And the ultimate business question…

Will I get my money back and then some from using this device?—Aka, will I get a positive return on investment (ROI)?

What exactly is GPS fleet tracking?

Here’s an example to explain this.

Let’s say you have a pizza business, which delivers pizza to your customers. That said, you have employees that deliver the pizza to the customers. You have many things to do such as payroll, managing expenses, and helping the customers at the shop that you can’t ride along with the drivers.

This means once the drivers leave the store, you don’t know what they’re doing. (Well, you’re hoping they’re delivering the pizza, not taking a rest stop.)

Plus, you don’t know if the wear and tear on the pizza delivering vehicles could be prevented. And, you’re a little skeptical about how many times you need to fill them up.

This is where a GPS fleet tracking device comes in.

Basically, think of this device as an upgrade from your standard GPS in your car. It monitors the driver as well as the car (in addition to providing directions) so that you don’t have to be in the passenger’s seat or at the shop crossing your fingers that an accident hasn’t happened.

That, and you’ll know where the vehicle is at all times.

You’ll have two devices: one that is installed in the vehicle and the other that’s for asset tracking.

So, how much does GPS Fleet Tracking Software cost?

This depends on several factors, as you can normally customize your package. Here are the factors you need to consider when getting pricing on fleet tracking software.

Do you want to purchase or rent it?

As with most products, purchasing the device will entail a larger upfront cost, but a smaller long-term cost.

Renting the device is the opposite. A small upfront cost, but a larger cost down the line.

Also, know there’s a monthly service fee as well as the cost or rent for the device.

As with most companies, the more months you rent out the GPS fleet tracking device, the less it will cost you.

What kind of GPS device do you want?

In general, there are two types of GPS fleet tracking: vehicle and asset tracking.

As the names suggest, the vehicle GPS device tracks the vehicle. While the asset tracking GPS tracks the asset(s). So, using the same example, the pizza.

Usually, the vehicle tracking costs a little more than the asset tracking. You should see prices for the vehicle tracking around $19.95-$27.95. And for the asset tracking, $17.95. Plus the monthly service fee.

There are usually ways to decrease your cost. But you do end up getting what you paid for.

Since you’re already making an investment with the GPS fleet tracking, it’s not worth paying for lower quality, especially if it risks your customers not being happy.

How frequently do you want software updates?

Do you want them every couple of minutes? Or will a longer time suffice?

In general, these tracking devices send updates every 2-5 minutes. Of course, the more updates you want, the higher the cost will be.

If you can’t factor many pings into your budget, you can start out with fewer updates. And then, as your budget increases, you can purchase more. Whatever works for you.

What’s the installation cost?

As with most products, there’s an installation cost. Typically to install the GPS device into a vehicle, you’re looking at $75-$100.

You can always try installing it yourself, and you’ll save money doing this. But it may be a good idea to pay the installation fee and let a professional do it for you.

That way, you know how the GPS device is supposed to work.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software?

After purchasing this product and service, what are you getting in return?

You’ll know where your vehicles are at all times

As we mentioned, you’ll be given updates every couple of minutes. You’ll know if the vehicle has gone off route. Or if the vehicle is at the customer’s door, delivering the product in a timely manner.

It has your standard GPS features too

It is a GPS system. So you’re able to create routes through it. And the device gives you directions.

It makes sure your vehicle is running optimally

It monitors the condition of your vehicle by checking the fuel, mileage, and maintenance.

It monitors the driving

If the driver breaks really hard or if he or she steers it too fast, these accounts will be logged. That, and the vehicle’s speed and time spent not driving. That way, you can see if the driver is really delivering that pizza. Or if he or she stops by a friend’s house first.

You’ll get an alert should a vehicle go off route

So, if a driver does go to his or her friend’s house, you’ll know.

Estimated delivery times

It makes dispatching and scheduling easier. Meaning you can give customers estimated delivery times that are accurate. Which should leave your customers smiling.

For any more questions about GPS fleet tracking, check out these reviews.

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