GPS Tracking PlansGPS Fleet tracking plans can be affordable solutions to your fleet tracking challenges. With basic plans as low as $29/month and the ability to tack on extra services, GPS tracking plans can accommodate your fleet, whether you have one vehicle or 150 or more. Most GPS fleet tracker plans allow for 24/7 tracking, email alerts, location history and speed, with limited months of data.

More advanced plans incorporate productivity tracking, hours of service, employee monitoring, detailed record keeping, logistics control, dispatching and much more, with up to two years of data before renewal. Keep in mind, GPS fleet tracker plans may also include start up fees and hardware costs averaging $90 per vehicle.

Some plans involve purchasing software and hardware, while others involve leases. Both can complement your fleet depending on your budget, number of vehicles, current capabilities, and long-term goals. We can help you select the GPS tracking plans that are right for your type of business. Click here now to learn which plans match your budget thanks to our free quotes.

Compare GPS Fleet Tracking Plans and Save

USFleetTracking: $29.95/month per hardwire Tracker.

Verizon: $34.95/Month per truck, plus $295 hardware costs

Fleetistics: Start up fee $25, $25/month/Vehicle, $99.50 Hardware fees.

NexTraq: Startup costs $99/unit, $34.95 per truck (monthly), $179 Hardware.

Rhino: $16.95 each month per vehicle, plus $39.95 hardware expenses reoccurring monthly.

What to Consider in Your Fleet Tracking Plan:

  • Start-up fees (average $20)
  • Cancellation Fees (usually none)
  • Hardware costs (average $85 – $299 per vehicle)
  • Installation Costs (ranges from $0-$65)
  • Reporting, readability and custom reports
  • Tracking routes & stops, speed, idle status, maintenance, harsh braking, Driver ID
  • Engine Fault Codes
  • Contract Length (typical 12-36 months)

The price you pay for your GPS fleet tracking plan should not exceed your company needs. We can help. Describe your requirements and get up to six quotes from the best suppliers matching your company’s unique needs.

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