Auto LocatorIf you own a fleet of trucks, you can benefit from a GPS auto locator. It’s that simple. You need to know where your trucks are at all times, plus there are other perks of such a system as well, such as:

  • Employee monitoring
  • Report generation driver speed, idling, braking, etc.
  • Panic alert option
  • Safety of company assets with tracking inventory
  • Pinpoint exact location for business operations as well as for law enforcement if needed

Simple and affordable solutions await your trucking fleet no matter what size company you have, thanks to GPS tracking and GPS auto locator software with basic reports and a low service fee. As a fleet manager, knowing your operations are running smoothly gives you peace of mind plus it keeps your costs low.

To maximize your ROI and improve tracking and safety, auto locators can present a positive business investment for you. Opt for extra features ranging from productivity tracking and dispatching to driver risk and safety to hours of service.

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