Affordable GPS TrackingAffordable GPS tracking from the best companies is now a reality. From enterprise class fleets to small and medium fleets, we cater to a variety of clients who require auto locator services for low prices. Our suppliers products are built on a platform of maximum flexibility to meet future needs. High definition GPS tracking…second-by-second GPS tracking…data integration: these are just a few of the ways you can help manage the seamless operation of your business.

Get up to the second insight into your fleet to ensure your drivers are maximizing the use of their time. GPS tracking is inexpensive and economical.

With the highest tracking capabilities available, you are treated to a comprehensive and detailed view of your fleet’s operation built on a scalable platform that matches your whole business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch. Additional features include productivity tracking, hours of service, dispatching and much more.

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  • Automatic Product Updates
  • Increase Gas Efficiency
  • Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
  • Decrease Labor Expenses
  • Create Driver Scorecards
  • Route Planning
  • Fuel Management Software

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