Top 10 Fleet Management CompaniesThe top GPS fleet management companies ranked in order of value. When searching for a reputable provider of GPS fleet tracking software, you may run into an overwhelming number of fleet management companies online. How do you know which GPS tracking company is best? Who can your trust for solid service and affordability? This review of the best GPS Fleet management companies will help you find the best company for your fleet manager.

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Top 5 GPS Tracking Systems For Your Money




  • Fleet Dash Cams
  • Real-time fleet info
  • Send & receive messages
  • Innovative reporting features





  • Risk Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • HR Admin and Payroll




  • Suitable for businesses with 10+ vehicles
  • Automatic route optimization
  • Alerts on engine idling
  • 24/7 customer support


Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect

  • Excellent driver & vehicle management features
  • No installation fees
  • 30-second data refresh
  • Automated route optimizations




  • 25% reduction in costs
  • Full fleet visibility
  • 50% fewer hours
  • 72% increase in exon.

When trying to pinpoint the top  GPS fleet management companies, look for industry leaders who provide innovative and cost-competitive fleet management service, low prices (although the cost isn’t the only consideration), quality of customer service, speed of service, and user-friendly platforms.

The best fleet management companies will always offer you fair prices, a complete suite of services, optional add-ons to complement your services, and easy integration whether you have a fleet of one or 500.

BEST GPS Fleet Management Systems: Reviews and Comparisons

Choosing the right fleet management system can be a challenge. With so many options available, it’s difficult to know where to start or what questions to ask when looking for one that is going to work best for your business needs. This blog post contains reviews of several GPS fleet management systems and pros and cons of each. We break down the features in detail with clear comparisons, making it easier for you to find the perfect solution for your company.

Below is a list of the best GPS fleet tracking systems available today.


Fleetistics Fleet tracking software is the ultimate fleet management tool, providing powerful features for businesses to optimize their operations.

Clear and concise reports are generated in real-time with Fleetistics PLUS account that allows you to see your vehicles’ activity on a map or list view by date of trip start/end time; distance traveled (in miles) per day as well identifying where work is being done when creating custom maps unique only what’s important to each company. With both GPS technology AND global positioning receivers built into every device connected via cellular data networks like Verizon LTE & AT&T HSPA+, there’s no limit to how far away from headquarters an operator can be monitoring all vehicle movements around town – 100% mobile workforce ready.

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GPS Insight
GPS Insight

GPS Insight Fleet tracking software is really good for fleet tracking and managing your company’s fleet. It has many features that you can use to help manage the different parts of a business, such as dispatching tools for drivers or setting up work orders in one place with other employees

Benefits: Has access from any device-GPS Insight is always online no matter where an operator goes; so there’s never going without receiving notifications about vehicle activity on their phones.-Different plans available depending on how much data they need per month (from $19/month). GPS Insights helps companies save money by monitoring fuel usage patterns and pinpointing areas worth investigating more deeply when vehicles start driving erratically due ot equipment malfunctions while in route.

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FleetCommander has been in the business sense early part of the ’80s. It is a GPS fleet management system that offers real-time tracking of vehicles, and driver information from any computer or mobile device in the world with an internet connection.

FleetCommander has many benefits to offer customers who use it as their solution for managing vehicle fleets including: -Vehicle position at all times on both desktop computers & smartphones (from anywhere).

FleetCommander GPS systems have really good features such as:

Geo fencing, which is a geographic boundary that can be set to monitor vehicles for when they enter or exit the designated area. This feature helps companies who want their employees and assets monitored in certain areas at all times; if an employee leaves this specific zone it will trigger alerts on both laptop computers as well smart phones whether its morning hours of night time.

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NexTraq is popular fleet tracking software and can be used on both PCs and mobile devices. Their software allows companies to monitor where their fleet vehicles are located as well which helps with security so the company knows when they have left a specific zone without permission.

NexTraq also offers features such as sending alerts based on location, date/time & geo-fence boundaries; vehicle maintenance reminders for scheduled services (oil changes); integrating data from other systems including fuel cards or wireless carriers that will help you track your assets more easily by giving those numbers in one place rather than having employees look up these details separately.

Another benefit you like from Nextraq fleet tracking software is the ability to see the miles that are driven by each vehicle. This is a great way for companies who want more information on how much gas and oil they use, so it helps them be cost-effective in their budget because now you can keep an eye out.

The company has been around since 1989 when NexTrac was founded with over 20 years worth of experience dealing specifically fleet tracking.

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Rhino Fleet Tracking
Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking Is hands-down one of the best options for your company. They offer a lot of the same features as all other companies, but they also have some unique options which are great for fleet managers looking to maximize their efficiency with minimal cost and hassle.

Rhino offers an easy-to-use interface that is simple enough so any type can understand how it works without much training or explanations needed. The system makes sure you know where every vehicle at any time by sending alerts when vehicles deviate from designated routes.

Rhino Fleet Tracking has many different plans based on what each user needs. They’ve been in business since 2000–which means over 15 years’ worth of experience dealing specifically just tracking fleets.

Rhino Fleet Tracking is located in the city of Dallas, Texas and they are a well-established company in the industry. One of their primary goals is to provide you with fleet management that will help your business grow while also maximizing efficiency.

The most helpful thing about Rhino Fleet Tracking is how easy it’s for us as customer service representatives or field technicians who need access to these systems, even if we’ve never used one before. Rhino has such great features as being notified when vehicles deviate from designated routes. User reviews talk highly about quality workmanship which provides confidence In buying this product because people know what type of device.

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Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

Azuga Fleet Is also one of the top-rated GPS fleet management systems that have been praised by their customers. One of the main features for this is how they offer a three-year warranty on all devices, meaning you’ll have two years to repair or replace your device should anything happen and then an additional year after it expires.

The other thing we really liked about Azuga Fleet was its ability to track more than just vehicles, they allow users better control over fuel usage as well with FuelWatch software which logs gallons/liters consumed in real-time so relevant decisions can be made based on those numbers. Azugas recent update allows them to keep up with today’s consumers who are always looking at what makes things tick.

Azuga Fleet started its business in the year of 1999 and has been providing fleet management solutions to companies across Canada for the past 17 years.

Their headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario where they employ a team of around 60 employees who work hard day-in/day out on Azuga’s software products which include their flagship product: The Fleet Management System (FMS). They offer two different levels–standard or premium with the standard being $49 per month plus an additional fee based on the size that varies from company to company while premium is priced at just over one hundred dollars more expensive but offers much better features such as fuel reporting so managers can see how many miles each vehicle has logged using any type of fuel whether it be gas or diesel.”

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CalAmp Reviewed very well for a number of features, including analytics, reporting, and management of data.

One downside to this software is that it does not offer many customization options for vehicle configurations which can make the system difficult at times if you do have a large fleet with different types of vehicles in your business. Their flagship product: The Fleet Management System (FMS). They also partner very closely With other companies such as Azuga so they will be able to get more accurate mileage reports from their customers.

CalAmp As its main headquarters located in Newport Beach, CA.

This company has been helping companies with their GPS fleet Management needs for over 20 years and is one of the more reputable players in this industry. CalAmp also started doing some research to see if they could find any other benefits that come from using a cloud-based system instead of tracking things on your own servers or locally which is something we will be talking about later but it’s important because Calamp found out through tests done by MIT professor Carlo Ratti.

The main benefit he reported was not only being able have access to all data at once without having an individual device For each unit (which would require time consuming syncing) but you can refresh different screens faster than ever before.

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Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc., also called ATTI fleet tracking software is one of the best GPS fleet management systems on the market. The software is easy to use and fully customizable, which means that it will meet all of your needs for a tracking system whether you need more than 100 vehicles or less.

The pricing structure may be its best feature because ATTI has plans tailored specifically to fit any company size from one vehicle up through 500 units with prices ranging in increments starting at $129 per month. You can also estimate how much an Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. plan would cost using their simple calculator online by inputting what number would work better.

ATTI is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and is a privately-owned company. They have the newest technology that’s constantly being updated to provide you With The most accurate tracking information.

The Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. team of experts can also assist with any installation or service needs for your GPS Fleet Management System through their support hotline number. You’ll want all these things in mind when choosing which system will work best for you because not only do they vary widely In pricing based on what features are offered but some may require more expertise to install than others so finding one that suits both yours and our technicians’ skillsets is crucial.

ATTI offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Is one of the best fleet tracking software solutions for small to large businesses. The company offers a variety of packages from basic tracking and reporting To hard-wired GPS vehicle data loggers, AVL systems for vehicles, and fleet management software that is customizable based on your needs.

The basic package includes an unlimited number of units with one mile radius per unit searchable by address or phone no., live monitoring capability (including alarms), reports with highlighting features such as recent driver activity in the map window when locating routes  and customer details like fuel usage at the time.

Teletrac Navman also has advanced analytics capabilities: This means you can see which drivers are more accident prone If there’s been any change In driving habits since implementing Telematic devices – all while saving money.

Teletrac Navman Is corporately based in Calgary, Alberta  and their company is focused on the future of transportation. They have a clear vision of how to provide an effective way to track vehicles and keep up with best practices in today’s society.

Their Fleet Management Software provides actionable data For fleet management decisions – all for your peace of mind and safety. It has live monitoring capability which allows you as a dispatch team leader or manager (or any other designated personnel) access over time frames from anywhere in North America, with real-time reports available by selecting preestablished parameters like recent driver activity when locating routes or customer details such As fuel usage at the time.

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Brickhouse Security
Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security is one of the top-rated GPS fleet management systems. It can be integrated with most vehicle and fleet monitoring solutions to provide a complete remote tracking solution for your business.

Their GPS Fleet Tracking Software provides actionable data for decisions related to managing the safety of drivers and cargo in transit. Brickhouse Security offers live monitoring capability which allows you as a dispatch team leader or manager (or any other designated personnel) access over time frames from anywhere In North America with real-time reports available by selecting preestablished parameters like recent driver activity when locating routes or customer details such as fuel usage at times. Brick House Security also has advanced analytics capabilities that allow you to see which drivers are traveling faster than average.

Brickhouse Security is located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA with satellite offices in Dallas and Omaha. They have a staff of over 75 employees that are committed to providing the best service possible to their customers which currently include some very large North American companies.

The Brickhouse Security team will provide you with professional advice and solutions tailored specifically for your needs. They have been In this field since 2000 so they really know what’s going on when it comes down to these types of fleet management systems that help you keep track of drivers who transport goods across state lines which can be dangerous if not managed effectively.

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Fleetmatics Easily make our top 10 list of GPS fleet tracking systems. Why? Well, this company is one of the “big dogs” in fleet management systems, and for good reason.

78% of their customers say that they would recommend Fleetmatics to a friend or colleague which speaks volumes about how great they are at what these guys do. There are also different plans and pricing structures available so you can find something that meshes well with your budget. Another thing we really appreciate is their customer service team has been ranked among the world’s best by Forbes Magazine four years a row.

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Telogis is one of the most preferred options for GPS fleet management systems. They are able to offer a wide range of features and services, which is why they have so many customers – over 400k.

It’s easy for their user-friendly web portal as well; it can be accessed from any device including smartphones or tablets with an internet connection that has access privileges set by the company administrating Telogis’ GPS Tracking System. This makes data collection simple no matter where you’re at. They also provide additional tools on top of what their system offers like fuel card integration and payment processing. Telagid does not charge extra fees for usage beyond your contract term,  which means it doesn’t cost more to use them if you want continuous service with them.

Telogis corporate office is located in the wonderful city of Irvine California.

If you’re still undecided on what’s the best GPS fleet management system for your needs I would suggest that you take a look at Telogis’ complete pricing information online and then compare it with the other competitors to see which one better fits all of your requirements as well and have never been disappointed by their performance before.

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ManagerPlus GPS fleet tracking software is frequently used by commercial fleets because it is so user-friendly and easy to use.

The main features of ManagerPlus are reports, statistics graphs & maps for the entire fleet at a glance; automatic alerts when vehicles enter or leave geographical zones specified by their manager on Google Maps™ with driving directions available as well in case there’s an emergency need from drivers before they get back into regular contact range (iTrack); monitoring deliveries/pickups made per route automatically calculates expenses without any manual input required like miles traveled distances driven, etc.; driver GPRS tracking devices can be used offline while still being tracked using GPS satellites if no cellular signal connection exists which also means that your company will never have expensive roaming charges again.

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ClearPathGPS Offers one of the most reliable fleet tracking solutions on the market. Unlike some other solutions, ClearPathGPS offers a powerful navigation tool that is capable of directing drivers to their destination from any location in North America with up-to-date mapping and directions information being displayed on both mobile devices as well tablets within seconds.

Clear Path GPS: Join thousands who have saved money by managing one system. Easy Installation – and no need for expensive hardware or internet connection required at each device. You simply install software onto your fleet’s Windows laptop computers. It supports RFID tags so you can identify assets when it matters most.   Simple Management Solution is used to monitor where vehicles are located live 24/7, and gives turn instructions through text messages if needed. Set geographic boundaries using Google Maps™ without having an account.

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InSight Mobile Data
InSight Mobile Data

InSight Mobile Data is growing in popularity for its features and the ability to track live fleet vehicles.

The software is installed on a laptop computer and can be used for up to five computers, which means you only need one license per office. Supports RFID tags so it’s easy to identify assets when needed. Geographic boundaries are set using Google Maps without an account.

Insight Mobile Data: The leading provider of mobile data solutions that make managing fleets easier. Easy Installation – No expensive hardware or internet connection required at each device; install the GPS software onto your Windows laptops with no configuration necessary. Easy management solution – you can set geographic boundary limits in seconds by inputting their location into google maps via WiFi connections, view mapping information from anywhere within US cell phone coverage area.

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Wrap Up: The 10 Best GPS Fleet Tracking Companies For Your Money

GPS fleet tracking can help save money and lower asset loss or damage. Here’s all the info you need to choose the right company for your business.

There are a lot of benefits to having a system that tracks your company’s fleet. Installing GPS Fleet Tracker software can add both security and cost savings.

The general purpose of a fleet tracking system is to have the ability to monitor your fleet in real time. With updated technology, you have additional capabilities.

With the right software, you can receive real-time mapping, maintenance alerts, driver dispatch, and analytic reporting. A few feature the best, today’s technology has to offer.

If you need to get away from the office, choose a system with mobile capabilities.

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best GPS fleet tracking companies.

1. Agile FleetCommander

Fleet Commander offers a full suite of web-based products to manage your fleet. The great part is it’s all web-based.

100% automation means customers can track their packages, and drivers have access to online portals that eliminate the need for emailing important data. It also gives drivers the ability to see schedules and reserve vehicles.

Automation rolls over to dispatch duties and managing key assignments. Fleet Commander reporting is easily accessible and always up to the minute.

2. ATTI Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.

If reporting is important to you and your business, ATTI offers over 20 different reports for you to analyze your fleet and employee performance.

ATTI is attractive to businesses of all size fleets. Whether you are just starting out and growing your fleet or already established, their technology can be of great benefit.

The GPS technology monitors fuel consumption, mileage, and when the vehicle is stopped. Their impressive technology also monitors drivers via mobile devices and can help reduce the need for overtime.

With ATTI, you can also help clients plan their day by providing accurate delivery times.

3. Azuga Fleet

Azuga GPS fleet tracking is all about revolutionizing safety with a mobile app geared towards the service industry.

They allow you to protect your fleet with dispatcher alerts that can thwart thefts by sending alerts when vehicles start. Their app can also track assets allowing you the tools to assist law enforcement with recovery efforts.

One of its safety features is its distracted driving prevention that detects drivers who may be texting or taking calls.

4. Brickhouse Security

If you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term contract, Brickhouse Security offers month-to-month service for GPS fleet tracking.

Whether you are looking for battery operated or hard-wired devices, they have several options to choose from including portable OBD devices. Brickhouse not only tracks your fleet but can also monitor employees and ensure asset delivery.

If you have budget concerns there is sure to be something in your price range.

5. CalAmp

The one feature that makes CalAmp stand out from the competition is their analytical data arrived from the use of Breadcrumb trails.

Other GPS fleet tracking providers offer breadcrumb technology. It’s CalAmp’s analytics that goes beyond mapping and provides easy to read in-depth performance analysis.

With a wide array of products to choose from, CalAmp can assist with formulating a comprehensive plan to meet all of your business requirements.

6. Fleetistics

No fleet is too small for Fleetistics. Contracts are available regardless of the size of your fleet. Whether you are looking for GPS fleet tracking for 1 vehicle or 100 they can service your needs.

In addition to standard tracking and reporting, Fleetistics offers Driver ID. With this service, drivers are assigned a key fob for better time-keeping and tracking.

With the services provided, you can run an efficient operation and measure areas requiring improvement.

7. GPSInsight

GPSInsight offers many of the features most GPS fleet tracking systems provide.

The stand-out feature for GPSInsights is the implementation of electronic logs (E-Logs) technology. E-Logs ensure FMCSA compliance, which is mandated by the DOT. Drivers would also complete their daily driver vehicle inspection reports via this tool.

E-Logs also assist businesses with driver logistics and helps monitor their hours on the road.

Cost saving measures is also a plus with E-Logs. Companies can cut down on or eliminate the cost of paper forms because all data will be entered electronically. By using E-Logs many reporting errors are eliminated.

Drivers using E-Logs have fewer compliance violations in relation to mandated breaks and vehicle maintenance.

8. NexTraq

Here is another company that ranks high in its reporting abilities. More impressive is its offering of free Fuel Card Integration (FCI).

With the data available, businesses can easily track fuel costs and vehicle maintenance purchases. A company can monitor purchasing trends and direct drivers to more cost efficient gas stations for refueling.

FCI allows users to attach data reporting options to 20 fuel cards. For added benefits, businesses can qualify for the NexTraq’s Universal Premium FleetCard by MasterCard.

9. Rhino Fleet Tracking

No contracts and a low flat monthly fee make it hard to overlook Rhino Fleet Tracking.

Rhino offers all of the standard features for quality GPS fleet tracking systems. Their listing includes OBD II, at least 15 standard reports, Google Maps for tracking, and email or text alerts to keep you and your dispatchers in contact with drivers.

Their mobile app allows you to monitor your fleet from anywhere, all for under $20 a month.

10. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman’s signature product is the cloud-based DIRECTOR. The DIRECTOR is designed to empower fleet owners to make the best and smartest decisions for their business.

The product delivers the latest technology on a single platform. DIRECTOR is crossover software capable of handling fleet tracking for multiple industries.

Small business all the way up to large enterprises with large fleets will love DIRECTOR. The fleet management solutions include E-log dashboards for dispatchers and managers, as well as in-cab tablet apps for drivers.

In addition, you receive the latest reporting and map tracking.

GPS fleet tracking isn’t a one size fits all product

This list points out some of the key components of the top 10 fleet management software on the market.

Whether you have a fleet of 1 or 1000, need simple reporting or need to drill deep into the data, these are some of the best tracking systems available.

If you would like to receive competing quotes, click here to request pricing.

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Navigating the Future: GPS Fleet Tracking Trends

Embracing technology to optimize fleet operations and enhance efficiency

The world of GPS fleet tracking has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, with emerging technologies and trends shaping the industry’s future. Fleet managers are increasingly leveraging innovative solutions to optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. This article explores the key GPS fleet tracking trends to watch for in 2023, delving into the implications of these developments for both businesses and the transportation industry at large.

  1. Integration of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing GPS fleet tracking, enabling businesses to gather actionable insights from vast amounts of data. These technologies can predict vehicle maintenance needs, identify inefficient driving patterns, and optimize route planning to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In 2023, we can expect further developments in AI-driven GPS fleet tracking solutions, enhancing decision-making processes and fleet management efficiency.

  1. Real-time Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics has become a game-changer in GPS fleet tracking. By providing fleet managers with up-to-the-minute information on vehicle location, speed, and status, this technology allows for swift response to any issues that may arise. In 2023, the trend toward real-time analytics will continue to grow, with more sophisticated tools emerging to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve overall fleet performance.

  1. Green Fleet Initiatives

The focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is driving the adoption of green fleet initiatives, including the integration of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid technology. GPS fleet tracking systems will increasingly support these efforts by providing data on EV charging station locations, optimizing routes for electric and hybrid vehicles, and monitoring energy consumption. The coming year will see a continued emphasis on developing eco-friendly GPS fleet tracking solutions that promote sustainable business practices.

  1. Enhanced Driver Safety Features

Ensuring driver safety is a top priority for fleet managers, and GPS fleet tracking solutions are evolving to address this concern. The latest trends include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which combine GPS data with onboard sensors to provide real-time feedback on driver performance, such as harsh braking, speeding, and sudden lane changes. In 2023, we can expect further advancements in ADAS, helping to minimize the risk of accidents and improve driver behavior.

  1. Increased Focus on Data Security

As GPS fleet tracking systems become more sophisticated and data-driven, securing sensitive information is of paramount importance. The trend toward increased data security will continue in 2023, with businesses implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect their fleet tracking data from potential threats. This will involve encryption, secure data storage, and continuous monitoring to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance.

  1. Expansion of IoT and 5G Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G connectivity are transforming GPS fleet tracking by enabling real-time data transmission and seamless communication between vehicles, devices, and systems. This trend is set to continue in 2023, as IoT and 5G technologies become even more prevalent in the transportation industry. Fleet managers will benefit from faster, more reliable connections, leading to improved operational efficiency and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Conclusion: The GPS fleet tracking landscape is continually evolving, with new technologies and trends shaping the industry’s future. In 2023, the focus will be on harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, real-time data analytics, and IoT connectivity to improve efficiency and sustainability while prioritizing driver safety and data security. As businesses adapt to these trends, they can expect to see significant benefits in terms of cost savings, operational efficiency, and overall fleet performance.

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