GPS Asset TrackingImprove business with GPS Asset Tracking and tracking devises for any application. Trucks, electronics, equipment…these are all considered valuable assets to fleet managers. Keeping track of those assets so you know where they are at all times and how they are benefiting your bottom line is key. That’s where GPS asset tracking comes in handy.

Not only can asset protection keep your insurance costs low, this type of system can give you instant access to location and statistics for personal and business assets 24/7.

With affordable GPS asset tracking, you can choose from features such as vehicle fleet tracking, dispatching, driver monitoring, mapping and directions, start and stop reporting, idle engine times, speed and zone alerts, and theft recovery. Integrating GPS asset tracking capabilities into your company can improve your bottom line, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and decrease stress on a daily basis. Our rates are affordable…why not find out for yourself?

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GPS Asset Trackers and Devices

Use GPS asset trackers to Track fleets in real-time. Access detailed reports, historical data and improve fleet utilization.
  • Prevent Employee Fraud
  • Reduce Fuel Cost
  • Automated Alerts
  • Driver Focused Data
  • Lower Labor Expenses
  • Better Communication
  • Eliminate Time Cards
  • GPS asset tracking with no monthly fees (or low fees)

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GPS fleet tracker devices for commercial fleets & trucks help you reduce fuel costs, lower labor rates, and improve production. Get a fully integrated, FMCSA compliant asset tracking software solution developed with efficiency in mind. Improve your commercial vechicles efficiency and reduce your insurance costs and liability with GPS asset tracking, smooth dispatching, and live-time data reporting.

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