Looking for a logical reason to start using GPS tracking software sooner than later? This guide addresses 8 powerful benefits to motivate you to move forward.

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS fleet tracking software is an important tool for many organizations. Good GPS fleet tracking software provides a variety of features that can help improve your business and save you time and money. GPS fleet tracking software, such as Fleetmatics, offers 8 reasons why you should start using GPS fleet tracking software today!

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How many vehicles do you have in your fleet?

Do you know where all of them are at any given time?

Think about that for a moment. If one of your drivers were to get injured, should they take the day off, or should they tough it out and go to work? If you don’t know where your vehicles are, you’ll never be able to answer that question.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and if you want to maximize the productivity of your fleet, it’s essential for you to start tracking everything with GPS fleet tracking software. Below are 8 reasons why.

1) Increase driver safety

As we mentioned above, if one of your drivers were to get injured, you’d want to know right away. GPS fleet tracking software will allow you to monitor their location at all times, allowing you to send them to help immediately if they find themselves in a sticky spot.

2) Track Usage for Hours and Miles

GPS fleet tracking software will let you know how long each of your vehicles has been in operation, allowing you to better estimate the total operational costs. It will also keep track of any deviance from their normal usage patterns, letting you know when a mechanic’s services might be required.

3) Improve Fuel Efficiency

GPS fleet tracking software will tell you where your vehicles are spending their time while they’re not in operation. You can make changes to the routes taken by each vehicle, potentially decreasing fuel costs (and carbon footprint).

4) Reduce Accidents and Insurance Costs

GPS fleet tracking software will keep track of where each of your vehicles is at any given time, reducing the risk of an accident by letting you know when they’re driving unsafely. This will ultimately lead to reduced insurance premiums.

5) Improve Customer Service

GPS fleet tracking software will let you monitor the speed and efficiency with which each of your drivers complies with customer requests. You can then pass that information down to them and coach their behavior accordingly.

6) Optimize the Use of Operating Assets

GPS fleet tracking software will let you know when to send a vehicle out on service before it breaks down. Letting you better plan for maintenance and repairs means your assets won’t be sitting idle in the garage.

7) Reduce Operating Costs

GPS fleet tracking software will let you know when each of your vehicles is most efficient, allowing you to send them out during that period whenever possible. This means lower fuel costs and less wear on the vehicle itself.

8) Expand Your Business Into New Territory

GPS fleet tracking software will allow you to remain competitive by understanding your market. GPS fleet tracking software that comes with a GPS dispatch feature will enable you to know where and when people are interested in purchasing your product, allowing you to reach new markets and increase revenue.

Thanks to GPS fleet software, tracking a fleet of rental cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles is easier than ever. GPS fleet tracking software saves you money, time, and resources in a number of crucial ways. GPS fleet tracking software makes it easy for you to oversee your entire operation from the palm of your hand!

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