Using GPS Fleet Tracking to Lower Fuel Costs

Fleet Tracking systems are uniquely configured to put the cash back in your wallet. Integrating a GPS vehicle tracking system into your business will present you with an array of unique benefits, all of which have been proven time and again as productive for both customers’ bottom lines as well as yours!

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From lowering fuel costs (and therefore saving money) or keeping vehicles on proper maintenance schedules; there’s never been more incentive than now before if we want our businesses running smoothly at peak efficiency – let alone making them profitable.

Fleet Tracking software can reduce fuel costs by a wide margin! The most popular method is the installment of Automatic Identification Systems or AIS. Not only does this cut down on time spent looking for gas in an outside container but also it tracks every single molecule that enters your tank so you don’t have any worries about being overcharged at self-service pumps when multiple drivers fill up their vehicles simultaneously.

For Examples:

  • Slower Vehicle Speeds
  • Decreased Vehicle idle times
  • Decreased Misuse of Company Vehicles
  • Routing and Dispatching Improvements
  • Timely Vehicle Maintenance

Slowing Company Vehicle Speeds Down

Driving responsibly is not just good for your pocket, but can also keep you safe and less of a drain on society. The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) reports that aggressive driving wastes gas by 33% at highway speeds while around town it reduces fuel consumption by 5%. So consider this when making long trips in the car with friends or family members so everyone has something positive to talk about after getting back home.

Would you like to take back control of your fleet? GPS tracking systems can help with that. The more monitoring, the better.

Fully Automatic Alerts for Aggressive Driving Behavior Stop Drivers in Their Tracks.

Decreasing Vehicle Idea Times

Diesel engines have a distinctive idle sound that can damage your hearing if you’re not careful. Diesel fuel consumption is much higher than gasoline, and the resulting time spent idling will cost you more to maintain in terms of both money and efficiency over long periods of use.

In one case study, the client was alerted to a company driver who stopped to rest every hour on his 6-hour trip. GPS fleet tracking systems could have prevented this misuse of company resources and saved him from losing over $600 in fuel costs per day as well as missed shipment deadlines.

With Fleet Tracking, you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to your car. The software will send automated alerts and customize them according to any schedule desired by the user–so no more worries about forgetting.

Decreased Misuse of Company Vehicles

The misusing of fleet vehicles can significantly increase fuel consumption to the tune of 25%. It’s important for drivers to be aware and mindful so they don’t abuse their privileges as much, resulting in an even greater amount of wasted money spent on gas than if there were never any instances where these rules weren’t being followed at all or strictly enforced by management.

Fleet Tracking software helps you track the location and use of your driver fleet. You can be alerted when employees enter or leave a job site, as well as get alerts for off-hours so that company resources stay reserved only for business tasks.

Fleet tracking services will automatically monitor all activity on any device which is linked with one’s profile. With this system in place, there are no more hidden costs associated with having remote workers because it’s automated.

Routing and Dispatching Improvements

Fleet Tracking Software is a great way to ensure that your fleet receives the most direct route possible. This will save both time and money, so you can make better use of it.

In another case study, the client saves over $1000/year per vehicle using Fleet Tracking Software to perfect routing. With 30 vehicles this adds up to an average savings rate exceeding $30,000.

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