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Trailer GPS Tracker | Benefits, Features, Prices

If you have a fleet of trailers, cars, vans, or trucks and are considering a GPS tracker, this guy will help you understand the benefits, features, and prices.

The trailer GPS tracker is an external device that you attach to your flatbed, which allows for the monitoring and tracking of its location. This can be useful in many different situations such as when working transport companies or industries with assets on trailers; it’s also commonly referred to by its other common name -“asset tracking”. GPS Trackers are important for these industries:

  • Commercial Trucking
  • Farming Industries
  • Construction Markets
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Utility

The trailer tracking system helps you monitor your assets more efficiently, with the ability to automatically log data through software. Most companies choose GPS devices for their trucks; however regular trailers provide even better opportunities than just this alone as they also have an external device and special interface that can be used by drivers in order to track down exactly where everything is at all times.

Benefits of Trailer GPS Trackers

Live Time Tracking: Trailer GPS trackers are a great way to help you plan routes and optimize operations. Not all of them provide real-time live tracking, but higher-end ones do. These can also be set up so that the trailer pings when it leaves or enters certain locations like your facilities for instance – this will allow us to know exactly where they’re located at any given time without constantly checking on their status via cell phone reception coils inside trailers themselves.

How GPS Works

Mileage Reporting: With a GPS tracker, you can keep an eye on the number of miles your trailer covers and when it’s time for preventive maintenance. This is important because, without regular service appointments or checks from professionals in this field (grip likes), there could be major setbacks with equipment performance. Some trackers even monitor additional information like tire condition; fault codes specific to certain types of trailers.

Inventory Management: The inventory management process doesn’t have to be hard; with a GPS tracker in your trailers, you can log where each item is placed and use that data when deciding which trailer goes best for delivering. This prevents mistakes like wrong deliveries or misunderstood orders because everything will happen automatically.

Communication: Whether you’re working with one contractor or managing a fleet of trailers, knowing where your equipment is located will ensure that it doesn’t get lost. A GPS tracker provides the best way to monitor these movements and can save time by cutting out middlemen like brokers who might take their cut before delivering what was ordered in the first place.

GPS Manages Multiple Operations: The most important thing about a fleet management system is that it’s easy to use and allows you to stay organized. A lot of companies offer both trailer GPS trackers as well, so if your truck isn’t on the road all day long but still needs some extra tracking services then this might be for you.

With the help of a tracking app, you can keep tabs on how many hours your drivers have worked and where they are located at any given time. In addition to this information being accessible in one place online or through a mobile device application (for example), some services will provide utilization reports so that usage patterns for certain trailers may be analyzed more thoroughly than before! This way pinpointing crucial areas within business operations becomes easier too since it’s possible to see what parts need improvement without wasting resources trying out new methods.

Fleet Tracking Software

Security: Theft is a serious issue and one that you can combat with the help of trailer GPS trackers. These devices will allow your business to monitor when something within its range (a geofenced area) has been taken away, which then activates an alerting system so police officers may be notified as well! Not only are these useful for recovery purposes but also because they provide peace of mind knowing exactly where every payload was during any sort of assault on company property or customer items alike – making sure no valuable material gets lost under circumstances like this one too often happens in today’s world.

Versatile: Trailer GPS trackers are a great way to make sure your trucking company assets stay in contact. These devices can be placed on the outside or inside of trailers, depending on what type of job it is and where they’ll go- whether that’s onto farming equipment like tractors (tricycles), harvesters/loaders, etc.; construction supplies such as pavers who use them when moving rocks around at building sites. Even if you don’t work within this industry yourself there may still come times where having external location tracking helps.

Fast Installtion: GPS trackers are a great way to make sure your trailer stays in contact with you. Fast and easy installation means that even those who don’t have much experience installing things can get it done quickly and easily.


Trailer GPS Tracker Features & Options

ROI: There is a wide range of trailer GPS trackers on the market, and many manufacturers offer their own brands. For example, if you need to keep an eye on 1-5 trailers or specific items then there are devices that can be purchased for around $75 online which may not have all features but will give some location data when connected with your fleet management system via addons like Location Based Services (LBS). Alternatively, more advanced options exist too; these types of specifically designed crime prevention equipment – they’ll help ensure none escape unnoticed.

Geofencing: With GPS geofencing, you can set up a perimeter that will alert your device if the trailer with the GPS is outside of it. This could be extremely helpful for monitoring theft or making sure all trailers are in one place and not left around town to risk getting away without being secured properly. You might also want this feature when parking next door at home – just make certain not too many people know about these restrictions so as long as no other vehicles have been approved by their homeowners’ association (or similar organization) ahead of time.

Truck Fleet Management

Durable: Whether you’re looking for a watch or fitness tracker, it’s important to know the durability of your device. Most devices are weatherproof meaning they can withstand rain and snow without breaking down often because road wear doesn’t affect them as much compared with other types of equipment that get stranded by bad conditions. The key thing about warranties before buying one? Make sure not only do companies offer one but what kind: Some provide lifetime service while others have an 18-month duration after purchase; consult reviews online so we advise getting are extended warranty if possible.

Updated Firmware: The GPS tracking system in your trailer is an essential tool for managing and improving the way you use it. Seasoned drivers know that updates from GPS manufacturers can improve upon these devices, making them more reliable than ever before.

Battery Life: The GPS tracker is a great way for parents to keep tabs on their equipment. These devices will last longer than normal because they don’t need as many batteries, and there are tons of different options depending upon your needs – whether or not you want something that’s rechargeable (which means less spending) solar-powered so it never has an issue with running out power at inconvenient times; if money isn’t really an issue then we recommend checking out our top pick.

Monitoring Trailer Speed: When you need to find the speed of a truck, there’s no better way than with a GPS tracker. A monitor can help encourage better behavior from drivers and give data in case something goes wrong on your end during operation- like if someone has an accident that causes injury or death. This information would be easy for them because all they have to do is search through some software where these logs exist within it so as not to spend too much time sorting through piles upon piles of paperwork which often gets lost due to its size alone without any organization whatsoever (not even chronological order).

GPS Trailer Tracking Cost

The cost of tracking trailers with GPS can be very inexpensive. If you don’t want to spend a lot on equipment, there are lower-end options for around $65 that only have limited features, but if your business needs more than just basic vehicle data then this isn’t ideal either because most companies will need dispatch services or some kind combination devices/software plus subscriptions in order manage their fleet effectively with all these new technologies being introduced each day. Here are the prices of some sample GPS tracking systems:

Clearpath GPS: Base Rate: $15-$20 a month dependent powered vs. non-powered assets.   Pro Solution: $25 a month dependent powered vs. non-powered assets.

Lonestar Tracking: DiscoveryLTE OBD-2 $89.99, subscription $19.95/month

Linkup: ATSolar GPS Tracker: $99.99 with a 3-year plan.

Matrack: Starting at $7/month

Are GPS Trackers Worth it?

You can improve your company’s efficiency and gather better data about it with a trailer GPS tracker. Ready to find the right supplier?


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