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What Is Fleet Tracking Software?

If you have heard of fleet tracking software before but don’t know exactly what it is, this guide is for you. Discover fleet tracking software 101.

You own a business. You’re in your office diligently working to make sure your employees have jobs to do. You take care to make sure they have the time and means to get there with company vehicles.

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And then you get a call from one of your employees saying that they were just in an accident. Everyone is ok, but your employee will be late for their next appointment. You may not realize that another employee is in that same area and has time to go to that appointment.

This is what fleet tracking software can help your business with.

What is fleet tracking software? This guide is fleet raking software explained.

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What is a Fleet?

To put it simply, a fleet is a group of vehicles owned by one person or company. These can be the ships owned by the United States armed forces or the golf carts owned by your local golf course.

Truck Fleet Management

In general, any truck or van that has a company’s information on it is probably part of a fleet. From your plumber to your pest control technician, fleet vehicles are unavoidable. They make it easy for customers to identify your employees out in the field.

This can also make it difficult to keep track of all of your vehicles. You never know for sure where your vehicles are or if the drivers are obeying traffic laws. Fleet tracking software can help you resolve that problem.

What Fleet Tracking Software Can Do for You

One fleet tracking software explanation is that it literally allows you to track where your fleet is in real-time. This comes with several perks.

The first benefits are related to efficiency. With fleet tracking software you can reduce or even eliminate overtime by keeping your employees in one area for the day. You can send them to closer appointments, which will save you gas money.


It can also tell you if your employees are driving safely and following traffic laws. Fleet software tracking systems can alert you when drivers are speeding or idling. Some insurance companies will provide lower rates for companies with fleet tracking software because of this.

By knowing exactly where your vehicles are, you can adjust routes in real-time should you have an appointment cancel. This will reduce any downtime your employees have during the day. The more appointments they can get to in a day, the better your business will do.

Get Fleet Tracking Software Today

This is GPS Fleet Tracking software explained. If you own a business that runs a lot of vehicles, then you’ll want to get fleet tracking software. The experts at GPS Fleet Tracking are waiting and ready to help you get set up for whatever you need for your business.

Whether your fleet is five cars or five thousand, GPS Fleet Tracking is here to help you keep track of your vehicles. Go ahead and contact us today to get started!

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